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The latest news and events at Happy Science USA

The Laws of SECRET

Defeating negativity and creating a prosperous future.
Coming soon February 2020!!

El Cantare Celebration Lecture

Watch this important lecture given December 8th 2020. Please contact us.

Unleash the Truth

A Virus War Broke Out as World War III?

Okawabooks Podcast

How to survive the Coronavirus recession


Invitation to Happiness Season 3

Get answers to life’s deepest questions such as the meaning of life of Play Fortuna, life after death, and what is the Creator?


Why Happy Science?

Hear the voices of our members.


Seminar : The Laws of Secret

Awaken to this new world and change your life. Please contact us for seminar details.

The Laws of the Sun

One Source, One Planet, One People

You were born to encounter this Truth

A spiritually awakening movie based on the book “The Laws of the Sun”

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